Best Car Movies List

Vanishing Point (1971)

R 99 min. As the title hints, the "point" of the movie "vanishes" at the end.

But make no mistake, this is a car movie from start to finish line. It features the powerful 1970 Dodge Challenger 440 R/T. And flat out driving by a man known only as, Kowalski.

The movie starts out with Kowalski delivering a car in Denver Colorado.
He inquires about delivering another vehicle. Sure enough, he gets the keys to a Dodge Challenger that needs to be delivered to San Francisco.

You know sometimes when you get the keys to the power of the car, things can get out of hand.

We learn more about Kowalski through his flashbacks. He's a Medal of Honor Vietnam War veteran, former racecar driver, and motorcycle racer. More is revealed as the police dig up his past. And shockingly, he's a former police officer.

The only twists and turns in the movie are delivered by Kowalski, as the police don't take kindly to speeders.

Alright, we have a car movie.

Maybe Vanishing Point is deeper than just a long car chase.

Maybe movies without a clear point become cult classics for that very reason.

Vanishing Point makes it into the "Best Car Movies" canon due to its cult classicness. It features the iconic Dodge Challenger. It's a car movie from beginning to end.