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C'était un Rendez-vous (1976)

"C'était un Rendez vous" (it was a date) is a short film by French director, Claude Lelouch.

The film is about 8 minutes of high-speed driving through the streets of Paris, at 5:30 am.

Red lights won't stop this rendezvous.

Soon, she would be in his arms.

It was filmed in one take, at 5:30 AM, in the streets of Paris in 1976.

Claude Lelouch was the driver and director.

This high speed drive was completely unauthorized. There was no traffic control. What you see was real traffic and real pedestrians.

Insane? Yes!

But wouldn't you like to do the same? Yes!

When I first saw this film, and found some background information, I assumed this was a young film student wanting to make a name for himself.

Turns out Lelouch was thirty-nine when he filmed it.

According to one story, Lelouch finished shooting Si C’était à Refaire with Catherine Deneuve. The movie was released in 1976, so the timing would be right. According to the story, there was 1000 feet of film remaining. Why waste it?

The film was shot with a camera strapped to the front of his Mercedes 450SEL.

The Ferrari engine sound was added during the editing process.

In 2009, Lelouch said in an interview: "I made the movie as a gift of this moment of madness. The movie is very symbolic of my life. We did many forbidden things, as I often have in life."

Rendevous C'était un Rendez vous 1976