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THE list of Road Trip Car Movies such as Two Lane Blacktop, Fandango, Smokey and the Bandit and more!

Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip (2003)

NR, 147 min. Narrated by Tom Hanks, this is a documentary on the first trans continental trip in an automobile, before there were roads to accomplish such a feat! We're talking 1903! Must watch!

Powwow Highway (1989)

R 88 min. Comedy, Drama, Road trip movie. Starring A Martinez, Gary Farmer, Amanda Wyss. Based on a novel by David Seals. Main character, Philbert Bono, is trying to connect with his Cheyenne roots. He takes a road trip with a friend in a 1964 Buick Wildcat Four-Door Hardtop to rescue his sister.

Philbert's Buick, becomes his 'war pony' and he gives it the name 'Protector'. This is a heart warming and funny movie. Highly recommended.


Use of CB radios in movies:

Fandango (1985)

PG 91 min. Starring Kevin Costner. Set in 1971. Five Texas college students go on a "last" road trip together.

"Principal photography began in 1984 at a number of locations, primarily in Texas, including Alpine, Austin, El Paso, Fort Davis, Lajitas, Marathon, Marfa, Monahans, Pecos, and San Elizario, Texas. Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas (where Dom was located) and Tulsa, Oklahoma, were also prominent in the film."

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

PG 96 min. Directed by Hal Needham. Starring Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Reed and Mike Henry. Featuring Pontiac Trans-Am! CB Radios! Beer! Road trip! Romance! Car chase! Smokey and the Bandit had all the ingredients that made this car movie a legend.

"Wealthy Texan Big Enos Burdette (Pat McCormick) and his son Little Enos (Paul Williams) seek a truck driver willing to bootleg Coors beer to Georgia for their refreshment. At the time, Coors was regarded as one of the finest beers in the United States, but it could not be legally sold east of the Mississippi River. The Burdettes find legendary trucker Bo "Bandit" Darville (Burt Reynolds) competing in a truck rodeo at Lakewood Fairgrounds in Atlanta; they offer him $80,000 to haul 400 cases of Coors beer from Texarkana, Texas back to Atlanta in 28 hours; "

So, why was it illegal to transport Coors beer?

"For much of its history, Coors beer was a regional product and its marketing area was confined to the American West. While California and Texas were part of the 11-state distribution area, Washington and Montana were not added until 1976 (Oregon did not approve sales in grocery stores until 1985). This gave it mystique and made it a novelty, particularly on the East Coast, and visitors returning from the western states often brought back a case. This iconic status was reflected in the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit, which centered around an illegal shipment of Coors from Texas to Georgia. The company finally established nationwide distribution in the United States in the mid-1980s." -Wikipedia

Smokey and the Bandit was the second-highest-grossing film of 1977, second only to Star Wars, which was released two days earlier.

Smokey and the Bandit Trailer

Two Lane Blacktop (1971)

R 102 min. Starring 1955 Chevy! Road trip movie with no real point. Common to 1971.

"Lane Blacktop is a 1971 road movie directed by Monte Hellman, starring singer-songwriter James Taylor, the Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, Warren Oates, and Laurie Bird." -Wikipedia

How did James Taylor and Dennis Wilson get involved with this movie?

"Hellman saw a picture of James Taylor on a billboard on the Sunset Strip and asked the musician to come and do a screen test.[7] Four days before beginning principal photography the role of the Mechanic was still not cast. Hellman was desperate and tested people he met in garages. A friend of casting director Fred Roos suggested musician Dennis Wilson.[9] Wilson was the last actor cast and Hellman chose him because he felt that the musician "had lived that role, that he really grew up with cars".

Regarding the choices for the cars, screenplay writer Rudy Wurlitzer explains, “The GTO is the consumer car par excellence, a metaphor for the consumer culture. It’s absurd, but in a great way. The Chevy is the artist’s car, made and created by people who are in love with the process of building a car.”

Vanishing Point (1971)

R 99 min. As the title hints, the "point" of the movie "vanishes" at the end. But maybe it's deeper than a car chase that ends in a...

Required watching for all philosophy classes when discussing existentialism.

Here's a good overview of the movie.

A made for TV version of Vanishing Point was released in 1997. However, the plot was changed substantially.