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THE list of Killer Car Movies such as The Wraith, The Car, Christine, Duel and more!

Death Proof (2007)

R 113 min. Directed by Quentin Tarintino. Starring Kurt Russell, Death Proof Nova. Filmed in Austin, Texas. You'll notice Congress Avenue at the opening of the movie, Guero's and the Texas Chili Parlor.

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The Wraith (1986)

R 93 min. Starring Charlie Sheen. Jake returns from the dead in a cool futuristic car and a mission of revenge!

The Car (1977)

PG 96 min. Directed by Elliot Silverstein. With James Brolin, Kathleen Lloyd, John Marley, R.G. Armstrong.

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Duel (1971)

PG 90 min. TV Movie. Written by Richard Matheson. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Starring Dennis Weaver and a demonic Peterbilt 18-Wheeler.

"Duel is a 1971 television (and later full-length theatrical) thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg in his full-length film directing debut and written by Richard Matheson, based on Matheson's short story of the same name. It stars Dennis Weaver as a terrified motorist stalked on a remote and lonely road by the mostly unseen driver of a mysterious tanker truck."

Spielberg had what he called an "audition" for the truck, wherein he viewed a series of trucks to choose the one for the film. He selected the older 1955 Peterbilt 281 over the current flat-nosed "cab-over" style of trucks because the long hood of the Peterbilt, its split windshield, and its round headlights gave it more of a "face", adding to its menacing personality. -Wikipedia

Duel achieved cult film status and there is a project to create a documentary on the making of the film and the fan cult around it.

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