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Our car movie database contains the most complete list of the best car movies ever made (along with some of the worst car movies).

Save (2020)

The zombies are coming. And in fact, are already here. They destroy your search engine rankings, yet no one hears your cries. The major search engine zombies killed my traffic (almost no traffic since mid 2019) and I can't justify keeping this site online much longer. Look, it's just a list of car movies with no fluff. It's a reference. A way to discover what you might have missed. Created in 2015, CarMovies.Info is a classic in and of itself. It's a B movie. It's a low-budget documentary. It's a cult classic! Only a gang of leather-clad hot-rodding misfits are brash enough to take on the living dead! You can PREVENT yet another independent website from the grave by visiting more often and sharing the website on social media. Otherwise...

Beware, zombies are never satisfied!. Have a nice day.

Update 2021

I have taken this Car Movies list down. No big loss right? Wrong. If it's happening here, multiply that by thousands.

RIP 2015-2021

I have spoken.